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?Arc Touch Mouse? surfaces ? Microsoft to launch multi-touch mouse?


Microsoft might be introducing a multi-touch mouse of its own tomorrow as several European retailers (specifically those in Norway and Denmark) have begun publishing listings for a product dubbed the ?Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse? with the product code RVF-00003.

Notably Microsoft also registered the domain ? late March which is currently pointed to the Bing site as most Microsoft placeholder sites do.

Those familiar with the handy work of Microsoft Research will recall a project from late 2009 dubbed ?Mouse 2.0? that explored many different designs for a prototype multi-touch mouse. One of them (pictured above) featured a design which bears striking similarities to the existing Microsoft Arc Mouse and could very well be the foundation for the Arc Touch Mouse to be revealed.

Although it may very well turn out to be just a Windows-version of the Apple Magic Mouse, but even so, it could mean users can take advantage of the native multi-touch support in Windows 7 without owning one of the expensive multi-touch PCs. In turn, this could also re-energize the Windows Touch platform for developers as more users will be able to access multi-touch features in their applications.

According to several of the listings which includes prices, the Arc Touch Mouse looks to retail for just under $70 USD, the same price for the Apple Magic Mouse I might add.


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Dear Microsoft

how about a wireless keyboard with multitouch touchpad, while you are at it.


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