Digital Cable issues with signal strength


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Our house is on Comcast digital cable. We have one DVR box, and 3 other TVs on these new motorola digital converter boxes. Comcast just recently ditched the basic analog cable to basic digital cable requiring these new motorola boxes, they just are for the basic channels 1-78 I believe.

Anyways ever since then our signal has been wack, very slow to change channels, signal loss during commercials etc. The DVR box does not do this however, just on these new motorola units.

The whole houses cable is wired through a 8 way coax amp.

Now my question is, is there anyway to know if the signal breakup is due to signal loss (needing an additional amp) or signal overload (ditching the amp)?

I was told not to try using a 900mhz amp, which is the only additional one I have

I would normally call comcast, but its the weekend and I know even if I call monday, they won't make it out here until at least wednesday

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