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So Virgin have finally put their cable service to my house, so I?m looking to get a new LED HD TV to go with the new service (and replace the crappy 10 year or more old CRT that is somehow still working).

The TV will be for TV/DVD/Blu-ray and yes maybe some good old VHS, possibly a little bit gaming on the 360 but most of that will be done in my room on my monitor.

I?ve been looking at LG?s 42LE5900 (?779.99 cheapest with stand) and Panasonic?s TX-L42D25B (?999.00 cheapest no stand)

I can also get the panasonic with a blu-ray player for ?1099 (and before anyone asks the 25B and 26B are the same TV just one has a silver frame the other has a black frame.)

Are the extra features of the Panasonic such as 24p true cinema and IPS Panel worth the extra ?220 more?

Which of these two would people go for/think is best for me?

Do people have any other recommendations?

looking for 42?

100Hz or more refresh rate

Matte screen finish (can get quite bright in the room so no Samsungs as much as I'd like one)

the ability to stream media from computers in the house (DLNA)

it needs to be able to handle SD content pretty well as only 12 of the 165 channels virgin offer are currently in HD.

and a max price of about ?1000

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