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I just bought a LG 42LD550 tonight and hooked up my playstation 3 and xbox 360. PS3 is hooked up via HDMI and the 360 by component cables.

When playing games on either console I am experiencing what seems to be lag from the controller and the display. Is there something I am missing in setting this up that would improve this or did I buy a ****ty tv?

TV Specs from Best Buy:

tldr new hd tv is laggy

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Most newer LCD/LED TVs have what's called "Game Mode." Enable that and your lag will probably be gone. The lag appears because of the extra processing your TV is doing to give the best picture. As a side effect your picture quality will degrade a bit when in Game Mode.

Edit: Instructions as per your manual:

1. Press the Menu button

2. Select Picture

3. Select Picture Mode

4. Select and Enable "Game"

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