Hissing sound from Technics DV-250

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DrewJW    9

Hi all,

I have recently purchased a Technics DV-250, and while it is in mint conditions, when no music/audio is playing their is a audible "hissing" sound coming from the speakers, this does increase as per the volume, but remains even with volume on minimum.

While not very annoying I am concerned. Anyone any idea what this is, and if it requires a repair?

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treemonster    36

i ahve to assume this is a dedicated sound card?

fairly common issue. funrotunately i know of no fix for it.

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Fred Derf    217


It isn't a sound card.

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DrewJW    9

It is connected to my pc via a soundcard ( X-Fi cheapo one on the pci slot )

Thanks for the move, and I really would appreciate the help as I have just paid for the stereo, and am concerned it may need work.

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