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Well guys I have always wanted to try ubuntu and have always wondered if dual booting with windows 7 was possible and if I do not like it will I still be able to go back to windows without a problem. So if you guys could shed some light on this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! :)

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You can do this in a variety of ways.

1. You can download virtualbox and try Ubuntu as a virtual machine. This would not affect your real Windows 7 at all. This option gives you only limited access to your real hardware, however. Ubuntu experience may not be as strong.

2. You can download Ubuntu and install it via Wubi, which you can dual boot into without actually making any partitions or messing with your drives any. This option gives you almost full range of access to your hardware, however you cannot use Hibernation and may not be able to update your distro without it becoming unbootable.

3. You can do the traditional install method, which requires you to partition off some free space to install Ubuntu on. If you do this correctly, your Windows 7 installation should be unaffected. This is the most risky option, however, but would give you full range of access to your hardware for Ubuntu and you will have least amount of problems updating it or hibernating it.

For uninstalling: Options 1 and 2 are as easy as removing the VM and uninstalling Wubi respectively, Option 3 can be tricky... mainly because of GRUB.

Good luck!

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Well I got it installed but I have no internet access, wireless is not working. Have not been able to find any information about my wireless adapter either. Atheros AR5007 b/g

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Barney T.

This should work:


You'll need to find some type of internet access, or download the drivers and packages to a removable drive or USB stick...... a most unsatisfying way... :no:

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