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What's the best HDTV?

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Lord Zog    7

You need an opinion from some one who has checked all the major models and tested them against each other as most people on this site will just state they have a (insert their brand) and say thats good.

Or better yet, go to the store and do it yourself.. Everyone has different opinions on which screen is best. Go to a smaller store and they will usually allow you to move the screens around to compare.. Here in Ottawa, Future Shop wouldn't do it, but Audiotronic in Ottawa allowed me to move the screens with an associate and view 3 models side by side.. Don't go on a weekend when they are busy, they won't do it, and make sure your buying one from them, they won't be happy if you say "I'll think about it" and moving them around, they are not light to carry.. Check online for the models you wants to compare then see if the store has them to compare and make life easy.. Buying a TV isn't cheap for a high end model so they should be more than happy to help you.. They might not do it for budget models, ($599 for a LG 42" or so) but the high end ones ($2000+), sure..

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spedanden    25

Let's not forget that Forza 3 runs at 720p... so the stretching is even worse since the xbox up-scales.

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