Is plasma better than LCD?

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djdanster    594

Just a quick question:

What is the best for large TV's (42" and up)? LED LCD or plasma? I have a 3 year old 42" plasma Panasonic but I've been told that LCD LED is now better???? (that confused me)

Also what is AMOLED? is that a more advanced LED LCD?

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deuz    2

unless your going for a led that has local-dimming (edge-lit is bs, imo...the only thing you gain is a slim screen), plasma or lcd are both pretty much equal. Plasma , imo still has more natural tones an better blacks but it will get killed in a bright room or room with direct sunlight on the tv.... so i would say plasma in a darker room(cinema feel) and lcd for a more open room. of course this is very general advice, your better off comparing speciifc models in your range....

at this point wiki is your friend.

for amoled is a type of organic led that they use it for mobile screens, so they are very small.

for tv's oled would be the next big thing but dont expect it to be cheap....

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