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Does anyone here at Neowin happen to own a TV Lift Cabinet? I'm tired of the clutter that I look at every time I look at the living room or my bedroom in the section of the room where the TV happens to be. A mismatched array of electronics that clash with each other that are the only tacky thing in my house and I am now looking at two different TV Lift Cabinet models from Cabinet Tronix and was wondering if anyone here at Neowin had purchased a TV Lift Cabinet or perhaps even a Cabinet from this company and could give praise or criticism towards the product?

If anyone was wondering, I was looking at purchasing the Titan for the bedroom and the Le Bloc Buffet for the living area.


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Back when i use to do installs I have put a couple of these in. Not this particular brand but ones like it. Also did some custom built ones.

Bottom line: they are usually pretty quiet. I would invest is some sort of control device for it on a 12v trigger so that when you turn the TV on it automatically raises the TV and vice versa. Seeif you can find any reviews. Some of the cheaper models can have motor's that burn out. (especially if you are going to watch this TV a lot and it will be going up and down a lot) Watch out for the weight restrictions for the TV. Replacing the motor is not cheap.

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I picked up 2 cabinets for the end of my bed and my living room entertainment center from Those cabinets you linked to are decent but way too expensive and some of the designs are downright hideous, they look like they are straight out of a tim burton movie. lol. I bought two tv lift cabinets for about half of what one of those would cost, and am very happy with them both.

I was really surprised to see how well they were made, I honestly expected to find some fiber board (mdf) somewhere on them but they didnt cut any corners and its solid real wood inside and out. all in all the cabinetronix are good products if you like there designs but for $5,000+ you can get 2-3 full size tv lift cabinets from somewhere else or just get one and save the extra 3k. i think the ones i got were called touchstone or something, its pretty sweet and has touch glass activated lights in the cabinets doors. shop around


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