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Young hero saves drowning little brother

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Hum    6,933

August 21, 2010 (JOLIET, Ill.) (WLS) -- A 9-year-old Joliet boy is being credited with saving his brother's life in a swimming pool accident that could happen anywhere.

But like many heroes, Logan Hearn isn't sure if he deserves the honor.

"I mean, I wouldn't say I'm a hero because any other brother would do that for his brother," Logan Hearn told ABC7 Chicago.

But his family and neighbors disagree. Logan Hearn kept his cool under frightening circumstances. Thursday night, Logan and his 2-year-old brother, Brendan, were inside the house. Their mother stepped outside for just a moment, and when she came back in, Brendan was gone.

"I noticed the door was ajar. I immediately ran outside. I just saw the dogs. I turned around. I went back in the house screaming to Logan, 'Where is your brother?' The first thing I thought after that is, he must be in the pool. I ran back outside, and that's where I found him face down in the pool," mother Tabitha Hearn told ABC7 Chicago.

The mother pulled her toddler out of the pool. He was blue. In a panic, she called 9-1-1 and then tried to perform CPR.

Logan had just taken a life-saving CPR class and kept his cool.

"She was kind of getting a little crazy and stuff, at that moment because any parent would, you know. So, I just don't think she had any control over what she was doing at the moment. So, I just kind of went in and moved her," the boy said.

"My son said, 'You're doing that wrong,' and kind of told me just to move out of the way and did the procedure like it should be done, and it was working," said Tabitha Hearn.

Paramedics arrived a short time later and took Brendan to the hospital. He was unconscious for awhile but perked up when he saw his brother.

"And then when I came in, he just got right up and started talking, demanding our dog , Carly, a bottle and Elmo," the 9-year-old said.

The happy scene did not erase the effect of the family's brush with a serious scare.

"As an adult, I don't even know if I could react that calmly in that situation, especially being my own son," father Brent Hearn said. "Not only did my son make it, but my other son was the one that saved him. Nothing's better than that."

"Anyone would do that for their brother, you know?" Logan Hearn said.

Logan Hearn is an advanced swimmer and hopes to become a marine biologist when he grows up.

The family has taken down the pool.

source & video

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fhertlein    22

Calm, cool and collected.

Reminds me of my dad freaking out when my mother was choking and patting her on the back. I walked up and said you are doing that wrong and moved him aside, then did the heimlick.

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Growled    3,880

He did good and his CPR teacher should be proud.

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The Rev    413


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