Giant Oak Tree Slams Into Two Sacramento Homes


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Sacramento ? A Sacramento homeowner is wants to know, "what do you do if your backyard tree is getting dangerously too big and the city won't let you trim it or cut it down?"

Debbie Rogenmoser has a huge Heritage Oak tree in her backyard which is "city protected" and she says she has twice asked to trim it and the city has said no.

Last night that giant oak tree split in two earth-shaking pieces. On massive piece smashed into her South Land Park Drive home, another giant piece fell into her neighbor's home. Firefighters told her neighbors their house was uninhabitable.

"It sounded like an earthquake," said Rogenmoser.

City crews came out to confirm, the tree belongs to Rogenmoser but is protected by the city. The damage to both homes is extensive. Homeowners in similar situations will be watching this one, closely.


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