Apple TV is a rip-off in Canada

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Put side by side, you'll notice some differences...

The Canadian version of Apple TV ...

- is $20 more expensive

- does not support "HD TV Shows"

- does not support Netflix

I'm pretty tired of the pointless restrictions of electronics and services from USA to Canada.

You can blame Apple for the price rip-off. But everything else is CRTC limited. Even Netflix.CA will probably be limited when it comes.

I for one think Apple is doing a good job in providing us with some form of media. Just look at Microsoft Zune, talk about a poor job on MS part for Canadiens.

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Everything tech related sucks in Canada, plain and simple.

If it wasn't for the health care I wouldn't still be here.

**And when Netflix opens up, it f*cking better be full service and catalog.

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Everything tech related sucks in Canada, plain and simple.

I dont know about you but here in Quebec, try to find a Netbook with the ION chipset.... Nothing at Futureshop and Bestbuy. How is this possible? Yeah, we seem to be restricted for no good reason.

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It's a rip off altogther IMO

I have Sky TV for free on my laptop (with HDMI out to a TV) as I use another family members subscription and that's better by a huge magnitude, and I don't pay anything for hundreds of films and shows on demand and live TV.

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Fred Derf

Doesn't the $20 price difference have to do with taxes and possibly the exchange costs between US dollar and Canadian dollar?

US$100 = C$102.66

Taxes will be additional (and vary by province).

Not sure why this thread was moved out of the Apple General Discussion section... It has more to do with Apple than it does with Home Theaters (not everyone who will get an Apple TV is hooking it up to one).

... but sure...? :blink:

It is best to PM a staffer on moderation issues (especially if the staffer who moved it left a note in the thread). As to the reason:

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