Missouri jail escapees caught sneaking back in


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PINEVILLE, Mo. (AP) -- It's a first for McDonald County Undersheriff Bud Gow: Never has the southwest Missouri lawman had inmates break out of jail and then try to sneak back in.

Gow's best guess about the motives of the two men who briefly went on the lam late Tuesday is that they wanted to buy some drugs, have a good time and get back before anyone noticed.

The plan fell apart when they were spotted climbing on an air conditioning unit and trying to re-enter the jail through the same hole they made two hours earlier in an attic wall.

Gow told KOAM-TV authorities believe the men stole a pickup truck during the escape and set it on fire upon their return to create a diversion.

On Wednesday, both were in isolation - and facing escape charges that carry a five-year sentence in Missouri.


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