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Audio from GTX 280 help! Cable needs finding...


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Hi all

Any help would be great?.I want to run sound through my GTX 280 so it can go straight to my TV HDMI port. So it looks like I need to connect a SPDIF cable to the graphics card that looks like picture below ?


The problem is my Asus Xonar DX 7.1 PCI-Express Sound Card does not have a internal SPDIF out? I think need the cable below which is a external to internal SDIF cable?I know about these as I got one with an old HDMI MSI graphics card but that one is in use in media centre??The cable at top right...


So basically I need help finding this cable or another option?..I really can?t find the cable anywhere?.please HELP.

Thanks a lot

P.S Im from UK

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This is best I could find.

Yeah I found that one but it seems to have a 3 pin header rather then the 2 I need.....thanks for looking

Does your TV have a Audio in?

Ok this might work?

Yeah I could just use a 3.5 cable but would not be digital and its an extra cable rather then it via hdmi....

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