Construction of two rooms' audio system


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deadhorse.gifdeadhorse.gif Over asked question, I'm sure but were thinking of replacing the audio systems we have in two of the rooms in this house with newer equipment, and were looking for suggestions.

One room (that I'm in right now):

  • Is probably around 17" by 21"
  • Has a fireplace in it . . . . which is surrounded mostly by brick
  • Will most likely get (A new TV)
  • Has several windows: two large windows (a lot of glass) to the left of me, a different window in front of me is much narrower but taller. The others are of in doors (icon_razz.gif) with glass to the right (& or left) of the doors.
  • The current speakers are Advent floor speakers (~32" high)
  • And a Teac receiver (it's mostly this that should be replaced, it's never had a remote, it's 17 years old, if not older)
  • We may have a old Sony DVD player hooked the TV
  • We will probably play some old records in here (Christmas) . . .

The other room:

  • Has a 34" Sony CRT (weights around 200 pounds I think)
  • Has small speakers of KLH
  • One behind where the seating is
  • One behind the TV, to the left of it
  • One on it's side by a Sony receiver (I think)
  • There is a Sony CD (& or DVD) player

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