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I recently purchased a 27 1080i HDTV and a Blu Ray Player. Last night there was a lightening storm which caused a power surge. The HDMI output on my Blu Ray player no longer works. However, the AV connectors (wires) do work. It has been over 30 days which means I can not RMA for repairs. My question is, am I going to notice a big performance difference using AV output verse HDMI output or I shouldnt be too concerned.

My Blu Ray player and TV are both High Def so do the wiring (HDMI, AV) really make a difference? Since the HDMI output is no longer working and I have to use the AV output, does this make my HD into SD?

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Yes you will see a performance downgrade. Even if it's more than 30 days, aren't warranties at least a year or more?

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Does the bluray player have component output? That should at least put you at 1080i... I agree with poster above - contact the manufacturer about the warranty. I would leave out information regarding the storm.... you turned it on one day and the hdmi output no longer worked... dont give more info than you need to.

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