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Recommendations for getting into Road Cycling

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Evolution    16

I've decided that I'd like to get into road cycling and perhaps practicing indoors as well. There are a few bicycle clubs in the area (Toronto), but none of them seem to have getting started classes etc. So I was wondering if there were any experienced road cyclists that could recommend bicycle brands, what specifically I should be looking for in a bike. Are there any great shops? What extra gear do I need to purchase? Since it will be my first time seriously cycling, should I rent a bike for a month first -I have no idea how do go about doing that. Since I'm new to the sport, I prefer to spend less than $1500 for a bike and gear.


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MR_Candyman    114

This will be way down on your list I'm sure, but if you're going to be out on long rides by yourself, you might consider a Road ID.


Those are great. I'm going to be ordering some (I'm thinking a wrist one and a dog tag).

I'm more of a mountain biker myself but here's some things I would recommend looking for in a bike:

1: A good name brand. I'm serious. The stuff you buy at Wal-Mart, ect. is crap. Good brands use better parts and are constructed better in every way.

2: Light weight aluminum or carbon fibre (very important if you want to put some miles on)

3: Skinny road tires (less friction makes it easier on you)

4: Gears. There's people who swear by only having a single speed. These people are masochists. Get some gears so you can get the most out of your pedaling on flat and downhill and make it easier on yourself up hill.

5: DON'T get a big cushy seat. They are heavy and they are actually worse for you than a racing seat. Once you get used to a racing style seat it's all good (it does hurt a bit at first though)

I have the older model to this seat (this model is new for 2010)


As far as anything else, get a good set of comfy clothes, a helmet that fits well and breathes well, and a water bottle or camelback

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DanManIt    1

I recommend Trek bikes more than any other bike. I have never had problems with them (unlike my specialized :()

Go to a Pro Shop for your first bike! I highly recommend it, that way you will be able to test ride the bikes you are looking at. It might be cheaper to buy it online but it is very important to get a feel for what you like. Just decide on how much you want to spend and then go to the bike shop and try out all the models that appeal to you in that price range. Best way to pick a bike.

Finding a good bike shop should be easy enough, just contact someone at one of those bike clubs or even just use the phonebook/google.

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