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Didnt see anyone else posting this here so I figured I would post, just got my confirmation that my Apple TV (newest) is shipped out of China.

Kind of excited to see how this new "diskless" Apple TV will work, and if it will bring other networks to their senses about how rentals are actually a way to bring in people like me who would rather download than pay a higher price to "own" the episode so to speak.

Sep 28, 2010 8:02 AM

Picked up


Arriving October 1st.

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Apparently it can also be jailbroken as it runs iOS.

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Most intriguing thing about the new Apple TV: AirPlay. Kind of exciting to see how it'll work.

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I'm contemplating buying one to stream my iTunes library to my living room. I'm currently using my ps3 with medialink, and it's not great. Hopefully the interface on the apple tv will be a bit more user-friendly!

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It?s not just a problem of being user-friendly or not at this point, it?s a problem of will it finally work as expected?

I installed the 2 or 3 media servers I found available on the Mac and none of them worked as expected. I tried a lot of different file configurations, and it just wouldn?t work. And I think the PS3 was guilty somewhere in that, as it wouldn?t play the MP3 files (file type not recognized). :-/

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