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Sounds like my job (in fact it is my job).

Btw... don't hate on the Avaya Definity systems... 1300+ user support, IP & Point-to-Point capable, PRI Capable... the only thing that sucks is Audix.

I'm going to take a guess and say that one linux server you've got is either ADP or an ERA server?

I don't hate on the Avaya box... it's a nice little oven.

The one linux server is indeed ADP and it's horrendous! Only 3 years old and we have to restart it 3 times in a row for it to come up correctly and allow users to login. ADP can't/won't fix it. We miss ERA, but the way ReyRey is going I doubt they'll be around in the next couple of years.

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Here?s my workstation ( one day shoot and one night shoot )

stuff you can see on the picture

-LG 22" screen (L22WS)

-Wacom Bamboo Touch

-Netgear DG834G

-Logitech Mouse (dont remember the name)

-Logitech Keyboard ultraflat

-Neca Alien figure

-Creative 2.1 system inspire P380 (really old)

-2 Kosta Boda glass by Ulrika Hyman Valli?n

-Logitech Skype Headphones with mic

-Ikea Lack shelf (with mounted Ikea spots underneat)

-Computer Table from Jysk

and do not mind the half eaten gingerbread house :p



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My Computer Corner;


Top Shelf:

  • Alpine CDE-9822RB Head Unit [spare]
  • Mastech MY64 Multi-Meter
  • School Photo's of my son
  • CD Wallet, containing Linux and BSD distribution CDs

Middle Shelf:

  • 'Dimension' Aftershave
  • 'Suremen' Antiperspirent
  • Nokia 5220 XpressMusic [spare]
  • 2x SanDisk 16GB SDHC Cards
  • Duracell Plus AA Batteries
  • Asus EeePC 701 4G with Power Adapter

Bottom Shelf:

  • Paper CD Wallets (50x)
  • LinuxFormat DVD-ROMs
  • 20x 1.44Mb Floppy Media
  • Apple Bluetooth Mouse [1st gen]
  • Blank Media
  • LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaner, with Microfibre cloth
  • LinuxFormat Magazines
  • Belkin 54g Wireless Router

On the Desk is my Dell Optiplex GX150 test server running Debian 5.0.7 with my Xerox 19" VGA Monitor (has been a solid monitor for the past 6 years, so no need to upgrade as of yet). Sitting on the server is my Nintendo DS 1st gen running DSLinux. Also on there is a Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4Gb USB flash drive and a Sandisk Cruzer Slice 8GB USB flash drive. Still using an unbranded PS/2 Keyboard with no need to change and a Logitech Nano wireless mouse.

Under the desk is the main system, running Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit and my two "tech boxes" - Storage boxes filled with hardware, cables and other bits and bobs that I still class as needed. :whistle:

Photo taken with my Sony DSC-S40 :cool:

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What about 5 monitors? 9.5 million pixels


if your sig is up to date what kind of settings do you play games at if you stretch them across all 5 monitors? and what games?

iirc 5770 cf is similar in performance to a single 5870, and single 5870 falls short in 2560x1440

I used to have a Makael desk from Ikea but it sorta made the living room look like an office. It was too big really too. that's why we got the new desk.

i have something similar from ikea but with an extended pull out on the side. nice for putting my feet up on and placing my n52 and resting my kb on when not in use.

anyways yess, we need a new thread! all the other periodical threads on neowin have been replaced for 2011! don't leave us in hardware hangout hanging bros!

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Here's mine:


1. HP LaserJet 1018

2. SAMSUNG 2333SW 23" monitor mounted on Ergotron MX desk arm

3. Logitech ChillStream gamepad

4. [Not Visible] WD Essential 1TB HDD

5. A pretty old Pioneer Hi-Fi system

6. Microsoft VX-1000 cam

7. Logitech Illuminated keyboard

8. CoolerMaster Storm mouse pad

9. A4Tech XL-755BK mouse

10. iPhone 3G 8GB

11. Cheap headphones

12. CoolerMaster Cosmos S case

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Yusuf M.

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