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Windows Live Hotmail or Mail - Auto sort email into folders by date?

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Calum    815

I've recently come across a limitation with Windows Live Home and a possible limitation with Windows Phone 7 (I'm just looking into this one).

Windows Live Home nicely displays one's new emails and social notifications; however, it does not do this with some emails if one uses the feature allowing them to automatically sort emails into folders. Windows Phone 7 does not show me some new emails received, when using that feature, despite me syncing the folders to it (I don't know whether I'm doing something wrong with this or not).

My question:

Does anybody know how I can automatically sort my emails into folders after a certain date? So, for example, I could set it to automatically sort my emails into folders, a day after I've received them. This would solve the problem I'm experiencing with both Windows Live Home and Windows Phone 7.

Within the sorting options, Microsoft hasn't provided a way to specify the date received (is that really not an obvious one?), so I cannot find a way to officially do this, but is there a way using a 3rd party application (I would prefer it to be done using Windows Live Mail, but, like Hotmail, that also doesn't appear to have an option for this).

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