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ok, I got the guide rebuilt, minus the images after the Neowin update destroyed it. Was able to find a copy of the guide on the Internet archive.

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I appreciate everyone's effort in trying to help me solve this. I forgot to mention that the resulting boot drive should be EUFI compatible so NTFS won't work. The drive has to use GPT partition structure with Fat32 file system to be compatible with modern computers that use EUFI. The particular laptop that I'm working on (Asus  X551MA and has win8.1 KEY in the firmware (64bit)) seems to have no way to boot to MBR BIOS / NTFS drives. You can enter the EUFI / BIOS setup screen and disable secure boot and it shows the NTFS thumb drive as a boot option but refuses to boot from it. I tried the MS media creation tool from http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/create-reset-refresh-media using several different combinations of version and architecture and did create boot disks that would install the respective versions but no joy upon attempting to activate any of them after installation.

What I was trying to do with this was to use the mentioned MS media creation tool to download all x86 and x64 versions and make a 64bit install disk that would do all 64's and a 32 bit disk that would do all 32's. (By disk I mean thumb drive.) Am I trying re-invent the wheel? Has someone already done this? MS seems to have left the pizza techs out in the cold on windows 8/8.1. (Not that I'm a pizza tech. lol But I'm not a Microsoft Partner either.)

URG!!!! l

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