Hollywood Publicist shot to death


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Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Longtime Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was gunned down on Sunset Boulevard early Tuesday, just minutes after she left a star-studded party to celebrate the premiere of the movie "Burlesque," police said.

"We were all on such a high," songwriter Diane Warren said. "And then she left -- I'm guessing about 10 minutes before I did. What on earth? What happened? Why?"

Chasen, 64, died when "multiple shots" were fired into her Mercedes seconds after she drove past the posh Beverly Hills Hotel on her way home, according to Beverly Hill Police Sgt. Lincoln Hoshino.

Police found her car crashed into a light pole after responding to a report of gunfire heard near the intersection of Sunset and Whittier Drive at 12:20 a.m. (3:20 a.m. ET), Police Sgt. Robert Maycott said.

Chasen died later at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, according to Lt. Fred Corral, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County coroner.

Detectives searched Chasen's West Los Angeles home and her public relations firm for clues Tuesday, but Hoshino called it "a wide open investigation." They have no suspects or motive for the attack, he said.

Warren, who was Chasen's celebrity client, called the killing senseless.


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