Help me choose: Milestone Vs. Hero

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As some of you may know, the prices on ANY electronic device over here is around twice as much as anywhere else in the world.

Because of this, I'm still stuck with the incredibly horrible Samsung Soul (U900), and am looking to buy something better.

I've decided to buy a relatively new, but used, phone.

The list of my options basically dwindled to these last two choices: HTC Hero and Motorola Milestone.

I've also had HTC Wildfire and HTC Legend on my list, but the sellers refused to lower the price down even a little bit.

I was pretty 'locked-on' onto the Hero, until I've checked the Milestone out, and right now it looks like the more logical choice.

Could you guys please also point out each devices known bugs and flaws that I should be aware of before/after I buy the phone?

Thanks! :)

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Bought the Milestone :)

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