(iPhone) Edge (Video Game)

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So I saw this on the App Store the other day on my iPad, saw it was getting good user reviews, and decided to check it out. Feel it is definitely $2.99 very well spent.

Here is the developers site, not much info on their site TBH.

Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe. Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine to make Edge a rich and very comprehensive game.

  • An original game ideally suited for mobility
  • 46 levels and 18 unique tunes!
  • A simple, addictive game for every type of player
  • Turbo mode!!

It reminds me of a few different games. Really is just fun to play. Funny enough though, I am using the controller controls for it, just seem easier, actually more precise, then the tilt and touch controls.

Actually I did not realize this, but it is an older game that was just re-released apparently. Here is the wikipedia page here.

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Looks fun. Maybe a little too addictive though . . . Not sure if I can handle another "Angry Birds" syndrome.

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