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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (also referenced as Skyrim) is a fantasy role-playing video game in development by Bethesda Game Studios and to be published by Bethesda Softworks. Skyrim is the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls fantasy role-playing video game series, and is a sequel to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The game was announced on December 11, 2010 at the Spike Video Game Awards with a release date of November 11, 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game takes place in the Nordic land of Skyrim, on the fictional continent of Tamriel. The story is set 200 years after the events of Oblivion, and will feature dragons and revolve around the Nordic god Alduin, who comes to destroy the world.

Skyrim uses a new, internally developed engine, rather than the Gamebryo engine used for the previous two installments in the series.

The February 2011 edition of Game Informer magazine revealed the first details about the content of Skyrim. Their website revealed that the game would introduce a new in-world language, the tongue of the dragons, which would be important in Skyrim's story and gameplay.


World Map






* Third person view has been improved
* 5 massive cities, more variation in caves and underground stuff.
* There is an option for no HUD.
* On Conversations: Conversations aren't done in a zoomed in static shot anymore.Start a conversation with some and they will act like someone would in real life, looking at you occasionally and walking around a bit and also continue doing a task if they were doing one while talking.
* On Weapon smithing: Go to a forge and carve a new weapon out of red hot metal.
* Dual-wielding: you have two hands now in combat and you can wield anything to both hands. You may assign a dagger on left hand and use a mace with right hand. The choice as they say is yours.
* Duel: You may duel any NPC on the streets western style.
* Inheritance: When you kill a shopkeeper, his/her family member will inherit the shop and will be angry about you, but stil give you missions.
* Level-scaling: It is coming back
* 18 skills: supposedly even less skills to play with?
* No mysticism
* Perks: Rumored to be in Skyrim. I may have understood it wrong.
* Boosts: Pick stamina, health, magic boosts on level up.
* Enchanting: This skill makes a return.
* "Radiant storytelling" or Level Scaling 2.0: "The game eventually logs a huge storehouse of knowledge about how you've played, and subsequently tailors content to your capabilities and experiences. Entering a city, a young woman might approach you and beg you to save her daughter from kidnappers. The game will look at the nearby dungeons you've explored, automatically set the mission in a place you've never visited, and designate opponents that are appropriately matched to your strengths and weaknesses."
* Fast-Travel: As you probably expect, you can instantly travel to previous locations with a tap of the button
* Sprinting: You can now sprint about!
* Town visiting: You may do more in towns, like tailor weapons, cooking, farming or mining. Not much details about this or how detailed they are as jobs.
* Dynamic Shadows
* Improved Faces/Improved Models Example: Faces have been dramatically overhauled. Characters now exhibit more emotion show of distinctions between different races and just plain looks better.
* Radiant AI
* Updated Engine Snow falls dynamically (not as a basic texture on the ground)
* Trees and branches move independently with the wind
* Water flows
* Randomly generated quests
* Beards
* You can't run backwards as fast as you do forward.
* 10 races to choose from (Holy crap thats a lot of races)
* Confirmed creatures: zombies, skeletons, trolls, giants, ice wraiths, giant spiders, dragons, wolves, horses Elk, mammoth, saber-toothed cats
* Presumably open cities (as dragons can attack)
* Hud-free first-person view and improved third-person perspective
* Very unique landscapes! Also unique dungeons! In other words, lots of uniqueness!
* Character creation improved, body features customizable
* 2-handed weapons and duel wielding confirmed.
* Finishing moves, unique to each weapon and enemy you fight.
* Dialog will pop up when you approach an enemy
* Cooking/farming/mining/woodcutting/blacksmithing
* Perk picking at every level-up
* 5 Magic Schools Destruction Alteration Conjuration Restoration Illusion.




Developer(s) Bethesda Game Studios
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release Date: 11-11-11

Official Website:

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I want to pretend that I'm shocked or surprised, but it has always been when we are getting a new Elder Scrolls, not if, lol.

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I'm really excited by this :D I recently started playing this and notched up 60 hours in a few weeks, it was so addictive

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I should probably finish Oblivion :D

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Still playing Oblivion here lol Haven't finished it yet like red. :laugh: Well definitely pick this once it comes out in the not too distant future.

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I loved Oblivion and can not wait for this!

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Richard Hammond

Ive played through Oblivion and Shivering Isles about 5 times now. Assuming it is a direct sequel to Oblivion i hope they dont bring the Oblivion gates back i REALLY hated them.

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Very good news, indeed. I loved Morrowind and Oblivion, although I just realized that I never finished the latter. I started it about ten times with ten different characters, but I always got sidetracked by something else along the way.

Like red said, I should probably finish it sometime :p .

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I just hope that they get rid of that pain in the ass autoleveling/scaling of enemies. Absolutely hated that.

I hope they work on the load times too. The 360 was brutal with load times.

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I just hope that they get rid of that pain in the ass autoleveling/scaling of enemies. Absolutely hated that.

Oh God, a thousand times yes. Just a terrible idea (or at the very least, a terrible implementation). I love how it was easier to just never sleep and go through the game at level 1 :laugh: .

I'll be deeply disappointed if they don't address that, considering how universally hated it is.

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So, will this be a true RPG or a button mashing console game? Any info on that? :)

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awesome news, it's been too long since Oblivion, very good game and deserving of another installment.

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Geoffrey B.

I read about this and my only fear is that they will take too much from oblivion, as far as the games go i hated that one the most, and as this is supposed to be a direct sequel to oblivion i am not certain as to how good it will be. Whereas if they had it follow Morrowind it would be amazing.

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Assuming it is a direct sequel to Oblivion i hope they dont bring the Oblivion gates back i REALLY hated them.

I agree.

Only thing I'm looking forward to is a game without a crap ton of bugs, but sadly, I don't expect this to ever change. :/

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I just hope they don't simplify it anymore. I preferred Morrowind way more than Oblivion even now I still go back and play it also I hope they remove the terrible level scaling they introduced.

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Yusuf M.

I wonder if they're still going to use the Gamebryo engine.

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I'm happy with the comment given earlier this year by Bethseda that once they show the new game it won't be far from release. It will be the quickest reveal to release they have ever done.

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Oh God, a thousand times yes. Just a terrible idea (or at the very least, a terrible implementation). I love how it was easier to just never sleep and go through the game at level 1 :laugh: .

I'll be deeply disappointed if they don't address that, considering how universally hated it is.


it was too easy to gimp yourself out by actually leveling up and pretty hard to plan out your build and do everything needed to make a decently powerful character at higher levels. it could be fun to plan out and level a character but i didn't want to do it more than a few times.

that and the generic randomized dungeons all over the world. actually put some time in to making each dungeon unique even if in some small way like using slightly different texture and model sets (similar to fallout 3's vaults). in obvlivion you went into one dungeon or oblivion gate you had done them all and other than doing quests there was no reason to explore than gate or dungeon you just came across while exploring the world.

i did like oblivion's quests and quest system and map markers/POI and fast travel better than morrow though. i could never get very far when doing actual quests in morrow wind because i simply did not know where to go on the island. but doing sandbox things like building castles out of pillows or just exploring every nook and cranny of the island in morrow wind made up for the seemingly broken quests and story line. i did beat the game though, simply by going to the end game area and killing everything with my high level well built character. but i missed out on 90% of the story, which was the better part of oblivion.

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I hope they change the levelling system. Basically if you explored and avoided the main quest you ended up finding the main quest ridiculously challenging compared to the difficult at lower levels if you just went straight through the main quest.

Thank God we could mod it and have it adjusted.

I hope someone does another arrow/poison mod - that was the greatest mod alive.

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I should probably finish Oblivion :D

Same here. I downloaded a bunch of quest mods, did the faction quests, never finished the actual main quest.

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just about the only thing i didin't do in vanilla oblivion was wait two weeks(in game time) to get my dragon armour after finishing the main quest line. had already ran out of side quests. oh and i can't remember if i finished the magic guild quest line or not. think i did.

never did any of the DLC, or the expack though. remember trying to open that door in teh mage's guild and being severely annoyed that it was DLC.

ran around most of the world and had pretty much every POI in one save.

out of the few toons i spent the time to level up properly by going to trainers for 5 skill levels every rest my favourite was my spell sword. OP nukes or OP melee plus a little utility.

tried to make my own adoring fan mod at one point that held a torch and could be used as a mule by copy pasting vendor traits to him. but could never get the store to show up in his dialogue. torch worked great though and saved me from having to pull it out at night or keep an arm free for it. as long as he didin't get killed. but i added a shield to his weapons load out which seemed to do the trick. never really got too heavily in to mods though. most of the really good ones came out a while after i stopped playing.

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*hopes for a completely new game engine*

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ps4 / xbox 720 game. Last one was extremely demanding on release.

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More like Morrowind less like Oblivion plz.


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