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Manny b.

hey guys i just found this interesting post, if you've ever considered creating android apps, but wasnt sure:

A lot of people says that there is no real money in the Android development. They say that if you want to make money you should write for iPhone, iPad and all other iThings… This is not true! I am not a one of guys that is making thousands of dollars but my income seems to be steady and is still growing.

Moreover I am not one of top developers nor any of my apps have been promoted by Android Market. I am just an one among of thousands of Android developers with not to well known apps. And what may be really surprising all my apps are free as Google do not allow developers from my country (Poland) to sell apps via Android Market!

So keep in mind these facts:

1. None of my apps has been ever promoted in Top of Android Market

2. I am providing only free apps (mostly due of Android Market limitations)

3. Even if I would be able to sell apps I would not use it as main income source… (I believe that you still can make more from ads…)

All my income comes from ads that are included in my mobile apps for Android.

I have started to learn Android Development on April 2010. My first application was ready to be published on May. And it bring me first few dollars… I was not satisfied as I have been expecting that this app (WP Stats) will be really popular… Unfortunately it wasn’t… Anyway I have published a few more apps that got a lot more popularity… So here is my total income breakdown:


check the stats here (since i dont want to rip his entire post):

He also has some posts on how to start and some of his other income streams, but definitely he says that android is one of his best passive income streams right now and pays the rent.

As Android over takes the market and google makes things easier and more secure, the possibilities are much much higher each day.

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