Gameloft offers up Dungeon Hunter HD for FREE

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Today and today only, Gameloft is offering up its Dungeon Hunter HD game for FREE. Dungeon hunter HD is an epic quest style RPG set in a dark fantasy world. With 3 different characters to choose from, you should get some good replay value out this title. As with any good RPG, the more quests you complete and enemies you kill, the more experience points you gain to attribute to your character. With Tons of items, weapons and armor scattered about and available for purchase from merchants you should never have the same quest twice.

Everyone likes a good quality free game right? I must warn you though the game file is 4.32 MB but the resource file it will download is 58.30 MB. This game is designed for the higher end Android devices out. If you are sporting one of those newer phones then get to downloading before you miss your chance.

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