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Heres my problem, I used to have a blackberry and used the BB desktop messanger to sync my outlook with my 'berry. Last phone upgrade i got LG ally, which i havent been exactly fond of but thats another subject. Anyways, I havent yet found a good way to sync my outlook contacts to my 'droid. i dont use my gmail as my primary e-mail account as i've had this e-mail address for 12 years now and i do most of my serious e-mailing from outlook. I've tried a couple of things, but nothing really seems to work. The closest i've gotten was the free Soocial, however their last couple of versions havent worked with outlook 2010. I've got Win 7 64bit and Office 2010, right now i have 32 bit but would like to go to 64 bit. Google apps has a deal that looks like it would work, but i cant figure out how to sign up my one gmail account with it.



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Not too sure if there is a more direct way of doing this. Some of the Android desktop managers probably have an option to sync contacts. However, I'd personally choose the route of syncing all my phone contacts with Gmail. If nothing else this creates a backup. You can then use a program to sync your Gmail and Outlook contacts. Maybe not the best option given your not using Gmail as your primary account, but you can setup Gmail to send emails on behalf of your other email account (I think) and this might work through the Android app, I'm not sure.

Have a look at this:

I'm going to give it a try now myself.

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