Flashed CDMA Desire with Cyanogen - can't send MMS, but can receive

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Elliot B.

Flashed a CDMA HTC Desire (from U.S. Cellular) that used to have 2.1 on it, with update-cm-6.1.0-BravoC-signed.zip.

Everything appears fine, but MMS messages can not be sent.

However, if images are sent to <number>@mms.uscc.net, it receives them fine.

Any ideas?

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You might need to manually fix some settings.

I'm not sure if the menus are different on the Desire, or with the custom rom, but this is probably worth a shot:

Go into settings, in wireless & networks and then mobile networks, then Access Point Names

Check what's already there, go through the settings and compare them to what they should be (google US Cellular's settings)

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