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My dad has a Sony VCR/DVD combo that he bought about 6 years ago. He always uses the VCR portion, but very rarely watches DVDs. But the few times he?s used it, it worked fine with no problems. But the other day, he wanted to watch a DVD, and the disc tray wouldn?t open. I did some testing and when you press the ?Eject? button, you hear the player trying to eject the tray, but something is stuck and the tray wouldn?t come out. After press the eject button several times for 5 minutes, it finally opened and we were able to watch the DVD. And here?s the weird part?..after I got it to eject, the tray would open and close just fine until we power off the unit and leave it off a day or so. Then a day or two later, we?d have to play with ?eject? button to get it to open and close again. I find that so odd. Either it works or it doesn?t, you would think.

What?s going on? Why is the player being so stubborn like this? Why does it have a hard time opening and closing like this? What?s the cause of it and how do I fix it?

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