New House, New System

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So my family got a house and Ill get the basement all to myself. I have some nice tall speakers. Ill take pictures later, they're older but they sound very nice and clean, so I plan on using them for now, and within a year I plan on building a proper home theatre system.

But for now, I would like to keep the receiver under 150 if possible, the move is killing me and my parents with money so im looking at this for the time being

It's mainly gonna be for "sound enhancement" so to speak. I want power and bass. Better than tv speakers of course. Ill be mostly watching TV and Movies.

So what do you guys think? For a Year? Unless you can find me a nice Onkyo / Samsung receiver. I love samsung and I know Onkyo is really good brand for home audio.

If you guys can help that would be great, i plan on picking it up tomorrow, but if you guys find a good one online, I dont mind waiting. We are moving in this week so If I can get it by friday perfect, if not ill just wait till monday, thats if its ONLINE. If you can find one in store, thats good too.



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