[iPhone/iPad] Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light out tomorrow

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New Zealand's iTunes App Store revealed Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad well before the game's official announcement in North America -- a tweet from Crystal Dynamic's global brand director Karl Stewart soon after confirmed its veracity. The game will arrive tomorrow for $6.99 (iPhone) and $9.99 (iPad), and its content is said to be unchanged from the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network game released to critical fanfare earlier this year.

Two-player co-op is included, and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options will be at your disposal. As far as the recently released DLC for the game is concerned, however, it's not clear whether or not it'll end up on the App Store version -- we've asked Crystal Dynamics to clarify [see below].

Lara and Totec's now mobile adventure will be available to North Americans starting tomorrow morning at 12:01AM EST.

Update: A Crystal Dynamics representative confirmed that the DLC from Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network iterations of the game is not included with the iOS version.

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