Desire of San Francisco?

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I'm looking to move from my Nokia E65 to an Android phone, can't afford too much as on PAYG w/ 3 at the moment. I love my E65's speed, especially for Opera Mobile, note taking, and wifi connectivity. It's study and will probably last forever. But it's camera is awful, and I just want more of a platform in my phone.

I run a lot, and don't want an arm band - does anyone run w/ either or any other Android/HTC phone - are they too bulky/heavy? Decent apps to use?

Price wise there's £150 between then and I know the Desire has +400mhz and +2MPcam&Flash over the SanFran, but is that really all I'd pay twice the price for?

Has anyone tried/owned both and has an opinion either way? I'm not fussed on playing games so much, and social networking/Android 2.2/.3 is gonna be the same either way - but I would like to semi future proof myself with power and battery (poor reception area) and although I've 60gb of music/audiobooks I know 32gb cards are the max - does anyone like the music player which I assume is equal on both? I love the Google integration (and hopefully I'll set up ReadItLater on it, too) and hear the Opera Mobile is awesome on it - anyone use it? I love it on the E65 but that's due to a physical keyboard which is awesomely fast at opening/closing/navigating etc - how does this far without a hard keyboard?

Finally, I think the screens are the same but I'd like to watch avi or mkv files on it if possible - is 600mhz on the SF enough?

Opinions, thoughts?

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Hardcore Til I Die

By "SanFran" do you mean the Orange San Francisco phone?

If so, the Desire has many features that the above phone doesn't:

- Digital compass

- +400mHz processor speed

- +2MP camera and flash

- +362MB internal storage

- 2-3 hours extra talk time, around 150 hours extra standby time

- Android 2.2 (the SanFran runs 2.1 which is approximately 5 times slower than 2.2 for a lot of tasks)

Basically, the combination of a 400mHz slower processor and the phone only running Android 2.1 are going to make it ridiculously slow when compared to the Desire. It really depends what you need out of a phone.

The Desire is not that heavy and you can quite easily run with it just by holding it in your hand if you want to. I used to go out running and used the "Cardio Trainer" app which keeps track of your average speed, distance, and keeps a map of where you ran... you can save your runs to review them later.

I may be slightly biased as I have a Desire and think it's the best thing since sliced bread :D But the specifications for each phone don't lie.

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Desire above the San Francisco any day. Too many reasons to count.

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Awesome, thanks. I just spoke to my sister and even she's just picked up the Desire. Think I solved my question when I asked it!

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The San Fran is a great phone for only ?100 and once flashed to Froyo it is even better.

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