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Dell Venue Pro's screen...

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~Johnny    397

Something I've been worried about for a bit, but I'm doubting the Dell Venue Pro actually has an AMOLED screen as advertisied. Take a look at these:


Looking from above, DVP vs Omnia 7:


It's also worth noting that the screen doesn't have pentile matrix (though it's not a requirement of AMOLED screens), and Windows Phone 7 doesn't give a power warning when you switch to the light theme, as it does with the SAMOLED displays of the Omnia7/Focus, which they add to point out that the nature of OLED screens will suck more battery power.

SAMOLED and AMOLED screens should look pretty similar, and feature similar black levels seeing as they're more of less the same tech (main difference being SAMOLED's are thinner, but there's no major colour difference between them)


Even black levels on ordinary OLED screens are deeper than that, let alone AMOLED screen. And see you can see, it looks far closer to the LCD of the HD7 than the SAMOLED of the Omnia 7.

So whaddya think guys? It could just be certain models though, because I've seen varying different black levels in the Venue Pro's around the web, but still might be something? <img>

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George P    5,835

The difference might be with the glass Dell uses? I don't think they'd lie about the type of screen they use but I think they use a different and more angled glass on top. What I mean is that it's not flat exactly, dunno why. One thing you'll notice from the pocketnow video is that after using it for a bit there's basically no finger prints on the screen itself though the back has them, which is a huge plus IMO. So maybe that all comes into play somehow?

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mad_onion    13

From those pics the blacks don't look all that black. I have Omnia 7, on this amoled the edge of the screen is almost indistinguishable but if Dell don't use the same amoled screen then I guess it might not be so black.

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