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Will Reset of iPad with Restore not solve anything

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Hell-In-A-Handbasket    277

thinking if reseting the iPad due to Safari kinda of acting strange, seemes to load the forums slower ( started before the forum upgrade ), as well as swiping between tabs / apps causing refresh of said page, which i dont remember it doing since the update before iPad iOS4.

now if/when i reset the iPad back to factory, when i get the option to restore from a backup, will that just recreate the problem ( as it will backup when i connect it )

or will the Reset/Restore essentially cause a iPad version of defrag, and removal of Junk Data from uninstalled apps?

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Malik05    4

You want to avoid restoring from a backup as it will put back what your trying to get rid of...set it up as a new device, this will give it a fresh new start

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