Samsung 50" Plasma?

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Hello All,

I currently have a Samsung 42" Plasma 720p TV and mainly use this for SkyHD, Blu-Ray and to connect to my computer.

I am looking to upgrade to a 50", I want to keep with Samsung as it has been a brilliant TV and of course want the new TV to be 1080p. I have been shopping around and have found two;

Does anyone have either of these? Or, which would you suggest is the best to go with.

When shopping around, they are more or less the same price, and I cannot find a major difference between the two?

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I can't speak to the current crop of Samsung plasma sets, but I bought a 50" Samsung plasma 1080p set back in '08, and it's served me great for the last two years. Not too much help, but I can attest to the fact that at least they don't die in 2 years time :)

As for the two sets you have listed, I see they're very similar model #s. When I come across two products like that, I usually head to the manufacturer's website to compare them. Checking the Samsung UK site, I can't see any real difference between the two.

Perhaps the 580 is just an updated version of the 550?

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have a 52" bought i think in 09, still looks awesome.

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Not really what you're asking, but working and selling these things, I'd honestly tell you to get a panasonic instead, their plasmas just seems slightly better and I've seen bad image retention that shouldn't be there on the Samsungs.

on the other hand, at least over here, I know that Samsung support considers image retention and especially bad ones to be a panel fault and will replace it. So I might just have been unlucky with the few I've seen, but I'd still put Panasonic as the better plasma untill pioneer decides to unretire again :p

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