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Nefarious    0

Hi I just installed connectify on my laptop with windows 7. I currently get internet from my neighbors open router. connectify says that i can use this wireless connection and make a hotspot out of my laptop. but when i try to use connectify it says no ap mode supported. connectify says this means.......

This means that your wireless card does not support running in Access Point mode. For more details and a list of known supported devices, please consult the Supported Devices page.

Sometimes this can be resolved by simply updating your wireless drivers. You may find updated drivers via Windows Update. Many times Windows Update does not have the latest drivers and you may need to check with your laptop or wireless device manufacturer to find them.

Is there any way around this? is there anythign i can do so i can use my laptop as a hot spot with out meing pluged into an ethernet cable or somethign like that?

Thank you

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AdverseDeviant    3

Probably not but you can try updating the drivers. What wireless card do you have?

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