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Hey everyone. I just picked up a nice LED TV and I was looking for a decent set as far as home theater. I am considering going the sound bar route but figured the experts here at Neowin would have some valuable insight.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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I had played with a Mirage soundbar back in 07-08 and fell in love with it. I'm a big tower kinda guy so I don't know much about that market though if I had the cash I would have probably bought it and wasted money. I didn't need it :p

I'd keep tabs on CES this year to learn about what your options are.

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I have a soundbar (Sony CT100) and love it for my small bedroom. The problem is, though, the market on soundbars can be tricky. Many, if not most of them, only offer a single connection (either RCA or optical) to connect to the audio out on your TV. This doesn't exactly make for the best sound. I like the Sony units cause they use HDMI and act as one huge HDMI switch, to boot.

That said, the successor to my unit, the CT150, sounds like crap compared to mine. The CT350 is a more suitable replacement, but it is a little more pricey.

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