Connecting A TV To A Home Theater Receiver

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My friend came to me with an interesting question the other day. He is trying to connect a Magnavox TV to an older receiver they have. A link to the TV can be found here and a link to the receiver here. I haven't ever had to do a setup like this where I didn't have HDMI or optical to work with.

Can the SPD/IF connector on his TV output to the plain "Coax" port on the receiver (page 6 six of the link above)? Is there any other way to hook everything up?

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Mparents had an old receiver that u did this with. It used the tv to display the settings of the receiver. You plugged in the receiver to the tv using a standard yellow rca jack that is labled monitor.

The best way is to connect the cablebox directly to the tv and then the coax or optical output of the box to the receiver.

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+Mud W1ggle

In short, yes, use the Coaxial ouput form the TV to the Coaxial input on the Amp.

It should work fine.

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