Really Need Help - Building an HD Home Theatre PC

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Sir Topham Hatt

So I was looking on a website about building an HD Home Theatre PC. I have an alright TV and surround sound PC speakers.

Current Setup:

37" LG LH3000 TV

1 x 2Tb Western Digital external HDD

1 x 1Tb Western Digital external HDD

Western Digital TV

Obviously this isn't very future or growth proof. Having three or four hard drives all with their own power supply isn't really practical and I don't really want to be faffing about with plugging in different things.

The new set up will ONLY be used for playing digital movies (M2TS, MKV, possibly VOB files). Unfortunately I can't remember (or even find!) the site I looked at, but it recommended getting the following components:

IO Gear Keyboard - not sure why I needed this?

PNY NVIDIA GeForce DVI 512Mb Graphics Card - Would 1Gb be needed? I'd want a graphics card with HDMI output. Other choices I dsaved were: Sapphire HD5450 and the 1Gb version of the same card.

Kingston ValueRAM DDR3

Corsair 400W PSU - If I had (lets say), 5 or 6 HDDs connected, would 400W be enough?

Antec Fusion Remote Desktop - comes with remote :D

Asus P7H55 Motherboard

Intel I3-530 2.9Ghz (dual core)

What do you think?

I'd be looking to spend around £400-£500ish, although obviously that's a woolly price. I also have no idea what I want to be running on it. I just want to turn it on, wait for a little bit, then be able to scroll through a bunch of movies and click select (or play) and it plays.

Any advice would be great.



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