Jittery playback of Divx/xviD videos in Windows 7 and WMC

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What is the first step in checking what causes jitter in video playback?

I have no problem with DVD or broadcast recorded HD playback. Think about it, some of those HD recordings are over 10GB in size with commercials, yet WMC can play them without breaking a sweat.

On the other hand, when I try to watch a simple 500MB Divx clip, or Xvid movie, I can easily see that it is dropping frames, or skipping frames, easily every other two frames.

I already have k.lite codec in place. (Mega Pack 6.0.0)

Processor is only at %10 to %25 at most while watching divx, and the memory used is only 900MB out of 2GB.

Again, I would like to stress that there is no problem with higher quality HD recording files, DVD playback or WMC, but there is this frame skip issue with Divx.

I am already running on latest version of Divx.

Help please.

Is there a diagnostic tool or something I can run? I tried so many different players, VLC, WMP, WMC, Media Player Classic, Divx Player...


Vostro 200, Win 7 HP, Pentium E2160 Dual @ 1.80 Ghz x 2, 2GB RAM, Experience Index 4.2, 650GB, 
HDHomeRun Dual, Netgear 5 Port 10/100 Switch, 3 Coax Splitters combination of 5 feeds, 
Sony KDL52W4100, IOGear LongRange Mobile Desktop Mouse/Keyboard, 
Sony RMVL-610 Remote with commands from MediaGate GP-IR02BK WMC Remote, 
TimeWarner NYC SA8300 HDC DVR, Visionsat IV-200 PVR Plus Satellite Box DVR.

Should I have opened this in software category? Maybe, if you think it would be more appropriate there, please move.

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Your CPU is pretty weak, and you never mentioned what type of graphics card your computer has, if any.

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Sounds like a bad codec install. Completely uninstall k lite and go download the newest version 6.7.0. You dont need the full install the basic or standard package will be just fine for a HTPC.

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Hey hyedipin you are gonna encode those 10GB Raw Videos right? -> Divix/Xvid/MP4

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Those raw videos are WMC recordings, there is no need to encode them since I have enough space, most of them are TV recordings so they will not remain in the PC forever. They will eventually be deleted unless I mark them "Do not delete".

I have graphics card, Radeon HD 4550 512MB with latest ATI Catalyst installed.

I seriously doubt that it has anything to do with processor. Why would the processor struggle on much lower bitrate video, while it has no problem displaying/playing back 10GB HD videos? Especially when processor load is nowhere near full with either video playing back.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think I have an idea what could be causing the skipping. It is fps. I just watched Inception, a copy that we ripped from DVD and encoded into xvid, and also another movie clip that we downloaded from internet in divx/avi format. They have no problems/no skips. But the ones I see the skippy behaviour is actually foreign clips from europe where the source is PAL, and has different fps.

What can I do about this fps difference?

FPS difference makes no difference on PC Monitor/Laptop, but on my Sony HDTV it skips or just paces fast to keep up with the higher fps.

Any ideas?

Inception.avi = 23.975985 fps

Euro Clip.avi = 25.00 fps

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