VGA 15-pin to SCART cradle? Also VGA-15 to HDMI maybe?

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Heya guys!

I'm looking for ways to actually connect my netbook from time to time to either an old SDTV with a SCART(/component) cable (my netbook has a 15-pin VGA connector, as well as line-out for the left/right sound), and maybe even to an HDTV (HDMI or composite is fine)

Any ideas?

I've been searching eBay, but I usually just come up with stuff like SCART to VGA (connect a projector) and I'm not entirely sure those let the signal pass two-way, as I have a component-to-SCART adaptor lying around that has a switch for input/output, so I guess no switch might mean a one-way road?

Could you guys provide me with links to eBay or dealextreme?

shipping to Germany, please.

I usually don't let China/HK/US/etc offers down, so as long as it is not way-junk-quality... :)

cable shouldn't be longer than 1.5meters ideally, as it unnecessarily decreases quality. (lo-cost ones at least :))

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*BUMP* :unsure:

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