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Hey guys I am a canadian and I got a windows phone 7 like 2 months ago (at release) and aboslutely love it. I had a Zune HD before and had set up a US account so that I could get the apps and everything. Reading some of the Windows Phone 7 topics in the forum point out that people should register their phones as US accounts to get local search in Bing Maps and a few other things. I was wondering if I switch it to a US account will this affect my phone in anyway? Also I want to switch my Xbox Live account to be US as well but will this give me access to things like HULU which is not in Canada yet?

Is there any downside at all to switching all my my microsoft products to be US based? Will things like local search work in canada even if I have a US registered WP7 here?

Thanks for your help everyone

p.s. I love neowin

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It really depends if you really want those services, personally I used to have my PC set to the US location to get marketplace access for my Zune HD but i've switched it back now WP7 is available. I get local search in Bing Maps but no Voice search but that's not a problem, it just means I'll have to type in what I want instead.

You shouldn't have any negative effects from switching to a US account, only one I can foresee is the credit card issue.

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Just be aware that you won't be able to switch your current Live account over because the Zune service doesn't currently allow this. This has caused problems for lots of non-US users who accidentally changed their accounts to the US to take a look at the Zune service when it was first released and are now stuck and can't move back following the international roll-out.

The only way you'll be able to do this is to set up a new Live account that's based in the US with a US-based credit card.

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