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iOS 5-Wish List

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Matrix XII    38

I have an iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S, these are the features I wish Apple would rectify in iOS 5

-Annoying notifications


-Swiftkey type keyboard (from Android)

-"End All" application button for multitasking

-True multitasking

- Pressing sleep/power button when watching youtube stops movie

-Texts send slow compared to Android


I'll think of some more lol

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PyX    140

- A notification system that keeps record of my recent notifications

- Native 3D navigation system

- A multitasking toggle button (yeah, it sucks up my battery and it’s no use for me, really... I didn’t want that in the first place)

- A better file preview for Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Keynote, Pages, ... so that files look more like on a desktop

- Ringtones and sounds that, well that sound good

Other than that... well there are some very good suggestions in this thread, however, the OS is pretty perfect already, it’s really not missing much. If we count the number of new features between each version of iOS, I’m sure they will bring something very close to perfection next time. Makes me wonder how they’re going to do an iOS 6.

I think this is the time they will start working on adapting it for the Desktop, because then it would need a lot of development before I install this thing on my iMac. A lot.

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Glassed Silver    940

I'd like cross-browser clickable telephone numbers (like Skype) to send the number to my iPhone and click on it to either Facetime, text or call... And add to contacts.

Maybe add this functionality to Contacts.app (Mac), too! :)

Maps needs some major overhaul.

I'd like Streetview in there and also, directions should be automatic all the way through, I hate clicking "next" to get the next walking direction.

Heck, sense where I am, g'ddamit!

Social integration into the OS needs to be done and WELL to make up for the eternal waiting time!

I want to map Facebook contacts to my contacts app on my iPhone.

Also I'd love online indicators for ICQ, MSN, etc... details in the contacts view. Link to appropriate messenger app maybe?

(Needs to be open so I could use it with my exotic "Remodium" :D)

Apps need be able to interact more with eachother.

I know for security reasons there is no possibility to fully interact etc, but seriously, we need more linking of app functionality. Makes perfect sense after adding multi tasking.

I don't care about flash, but I'd like more web video, tbh. Open standard video delivery API? Something needs to be done here.

iWork for iPhone! (At least it would make viewing possible with a proper official app.)

GarageBand for iPhone! :(

Location based profiles and settings... (For this functionality have gps check just every now and then or use cell information for rough location profiles... maybe be able to chose between an eco mode and a precision mode? :) )

Automator for iPhone would be killer! :D

These removed functions and put them on ecstacy! Tweak it and make it ultimately usuable.

Make Mac and iPhone even better companions! Make them use each other for whatever possible!

Texting, calling etc as described above and phone-to-Mac functions could be anything.

E.g.: Send my iPhone browsing session to my Mac, etc...

Remote contact synching (other synching would be awesome, too!)

Notifications, need I say more? BIG overhaul.

AutoCorrect. oh dear God.... Some big improvements need to be done.

Auto add to directory after using a word two or three times...

AutoCorrect without any auto caps... No, Turning Auto Caps off often does NOT solve it.

I ALWAYS press shift when it's needed, so g'ddamit, use the shift status I provide and don't make up your own auto caps within auto spelling.

Easy "full exit" for apps...

I know background apps don't consume battery etc, if they are just iddled, but whenever I open the manager to switch apps, I see a lot of apps I'll need in a month again for example...

Proper background execution of apps... Make me grant the permission for that like with push notifications.

This would make sense for a LOT of apps.

7 days of push notifications without opening the app?

Give me the option to set this to unlimited, please!

Some apps like messenger I won't open in a long time, unless of cause I get a message. This is the case for IM's where I have few contacts or I use the desktop IM often enough to catch the IMs there.

A native eco mode switch or something... To run my phone in battery priority mode.

Add an auto option? Auto eco for battery <30% or user selected value? Nice!

On demand 3G. 3G that turns on as soon as I download something from the app store or I receive or start a call... So I can use both data and voice at the same time. 3G should ONLY run when it is needed to preserve battery.

Don't know whether this is possible, but data+voice on EDGE would be kicka**!

Lock screen needs to have more info, like IntelliScreen.

[This personal list of wishes will be updated every now and then]

Last update: See "edit by" line

Glassed Silver:win

Edited by Glassed Silver

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+John.    1,396

Notifications overhaul

More info on the lock screen

New keyboard

Dictionary Update/Grammar overhaul

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Pablo2008jedi    3

Most people have said it.

1) Better notifications (OpenNotifier like)

2) More customisation of the lockscreen (widget like, clock type etc..)

That and I'll be a very happy iOS user.

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