HDMI Switcher + FIOS DVR

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James Rose

I have purchased two different HDMI switch boxes and I get the same issue with either. The problem seems to be that the Verizon FIOS DVR still sends a signal even when the power (from the remote) has been shut down. When I pull the power plug the switcher changes to the Western Digital box, and when I plug the power back into the DVR it switches back again. I can't find a way to switch the DVR off in any of the settings. I COULD call Verizon.... but tech support people are usually so .... what's the word..... oh yea, HORRIBLE. eg: A few months back audio stopped coming in from the DVR box (via HDMI) and the Verizon rep suggested using RGB cables... He didn't understand, even when told that Red Green and Blue do not carry the audio signal.

So, I thought I'd ask here in case someone had any ideas.


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