[HD video] Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 40 GB SSD

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I recently got a Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 40 GB Solid Slate drive for my media center pc. I got it for $100 free shipping on New Egg.



For a while i've been watching videos on youtube about SSD's. One of the videos I rarely see, is someone recording the Windows 7 install. So when I installed this SSD in my media center I decided I would record the Windows 7 install.

The videos you are about to watch aren't so much a review as they just demonstrate the speed of the drive via real world applications. I will warn you that part #2 consists solely of watching 56 updates install. :)

On video 3 I moved the camera and forgot to reset the focus, so that is why the picture all of the sudden looks a tad blurry. For the best results please watch in 720p, as it makes the text easier to read on the screen.


For those of you that don't want to watch the 3 videos totaling around 25 mins, here is a video focusing mainly on how fast the drive is.

Part I

I will be showing you most of the windows 7 installation process (after it copies files). I will also be showing the first boot of Windows 7. I misspoke in the video when I said the cpu gets a rating of 5.0. It's actual a rating of 6.2

Part II

Shows the windows 7 updates being installing, to give you an idea on how fast updates install on an SSD Drive

Part III

In this final video we install some applications, looking at how fast they install, launch and in a few cases, scan.

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Today I installed Quicktime on that drive.

It installed in less than 15 seconds and launched in less than 2.

I had a HOLY CRAP Moment!. Wish I had it on video.

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Mooshkhan? :laugh:

soz, back to watching the vids :)


Damn, I'm a "total geek" lol

Speeds are impressive, I'm definitely going to invest in one of these soon.

On a side note, from now on, I am going to read all your posts in the style of Don LaFontaine doing a movie trailer voice-over. Awesome voice man, you cold get paid for that beauty :laugh:

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