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I'm thinking of maybe buying a new TV, not because I want to but because my current one is dying :( I currently have a 46" Samsung LN-T4661F that I bought 3 years ago (and does everything I need great), but unfortunately last night when I turned it on there was a yellow vertical line on the left side :/ (1px wide), the line goes away after the TV is on for a bit (5-15min) but this morning I got another symptom (clicking when turning on and it took about 2x longer than usual to turn on).

I read online that Samsung was using cheap capacitors and they are fairly easy to replace, I might look into that but I'm not very good with anything that involves soldering :blush:. So just in case the TV dies out completely or that I try to fix it and kill it :unsure: I've been looking for a possible replacement.

Here's what I need:

- 46"

- 3-4 x HDMI ports

- 2 x Component ports (For Wii and 360)

Here's what I DON'T NEED:

- 3D (it's a complete waste for me as I can't see the 3D effect :/)

I was looking at the 46" TVs that Samsung has and here's what I was considering:

The first one is an LED and the other 2 are LCD (does it really matter? What are the advantages?)

The first 2 are 60hz and the last one 120hz (does it matter? My last one was 60hz and I never had trouble in action scenes or video games)

Also they all have ethernet ports :blink: What's the use for the TV? (does it provide some kind of tv guide or something? and how would that work with the current one I have with my digital box)

Thanks guys :)

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If you're going to be using so many hdmi and component devices, it might be a good idea to think about getting an audio visual receiver.

These are mid rage ones, but you can get cheapers models by the same manufacturers.

I have one right now but I prefer having the device go straight to the TV and from the TV have an optical link to my receiver :/ Maybe it's because my receiver only has 2 HDMI inputs lol

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