CPU Overheating

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I am just wondering if running SETI@Home (which keeps my CPU running at 100%) under Windows XP for substantial amounts of time would overheat the CPU?

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No - If your computer has poor heating then ANY long term use will cause problems [which is RARE]. But SETI itself CAN'T cause your CPU to overheat.


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Just to add to what mortensen says - SETI@Home can overheat your CPU, but only if it's badly cooled.

If any other processor instensive program (like a 3D shooter that typically uses 100% of CPU usage too, churning out frames even when it's way more than the human eye can see) doesn't over heat it (try to keep it less than about 55oC), then SETI will not either.

Use a program like MBM5 (http://mbm.livewiredev.com/) to monitor the CPU temp and give an alarm when it overheats (you can set the overheat temperature, mine is set to 55). If after using SETI for a while (3 hours is good) and it's still under 55, you should be fine.

MBM5 also gives a handy readout on the taskbar which is configurable for what exactly you want it to show - mine currently says my CPU is at 38oC...

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