Any experiance with NAD products?

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Hello all!

In the past few months I've become interested in HI-FI sound rather than LOUD sound. So I've recently purchased a set of Paradigm Atom V6 monitor speakers and my buddies old Denon AVR-1603 receiver. But I'm looking for even better sound. So I've looked into getting an integrated stereo amplifier. I've checked out what Cambridge Audio has to offer and was almost set with the Azur 650a integrated amp, however I've started to shop around and have come across the NAD brand. I went to a local shop and they had the NAD c326BEE integrated amp on display. I must tell you that I was blown away, for two reasons 1) the price was where i wanted to be and 2) the sound quality for the price of the amp blew me away. But it's almost one of those too good to be true scenarios. So I was wondering if anybody had used or have heard of anybody else experience with NAD products.

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I've had a small bit of exposure to NAD equipment and have never been let down. If you want to go rediculous you need to go with some McIntosh gear.

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I have a NAD C315BEE stereo amp. I used to have a Cambridge 540r receiver which I used for a while but it broke so I bought a Cambridge Audio stereo amp. I can't remember the model number because I only had it for about a week, it just didn't sound right. I Ended up buying the NAD and couldn't be happier, it sounds great, looks good and it is silent... I couldn't help but notice a slight hum coming from the Cambridge amps, which got annoying because it sits right next to my monitor so is easy to hear.

The only slight gripe I would have about the NAD is that the remote control isn't that sensitive. If I'm on my bed, which would be about two meters to the right and four meters back from the amp, it can take a couple of taps on the remote to get it to respond. I think that it's possible the battery is low... which is another thing worth pointing out, the battery is one of those silver disc ones which I'm guessing are more expensive to replace than regular AA or AAA batteries in cambridge remotes. the remote also looks a bit toyish to me.

After all of that, the bottom line is I would still buy NAD over Cambridge in the future.

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+Fahim S.

I had a NAD C521 cd player back in the day and although most people don't appreciate NAD aesthetics it had amazing build quality and held me in good stead for a not insignificant amount of time. It sounded great and was sold fully working a while later. I can whole heartedly recommend their products if you like their sound.

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