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droid x issues

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Dane    176

So I got my droid X in november. It's been updated, its on stock droid x. I only have the facebook applicatio and angry birds on it. My droid x will freeze, even just going through menus it will freeze and not do anything. You can press any button, it wont do anything. you can let it go then the screen will go black. The screen lights up but however its just still black but you can tell its on. Some times it then reboots, or goes back to normal or i have to pull the battery.

I am tired of it.

I called verizon AGAIN today to complain about it, I got connected to a tech rep. I told her what it does. She said "have you done anything to it?" I said "no everything is stock and I dont have alot of applications for it, and I just have an otter box defender for it"



Her: yes? you said you dont have that a few applications ok, well about the case, what kind is it?

Me: It's an otterbox defender

Her: I dont know what that is, it's a case? I think you should take it off it might be causing your phone to lock up.

Our Convo didnt go much further after that before I gave up. She did offer a refurb, which I think isnt right. I paid over $300 for the phone, and its not even 3months i have had it and they want to do a Refurb? pass.

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